Journalism Training

Training + Volunteering + Interning

We offer 1-3 month training programmes geared towards print journalism.

Working with Bolivian Express involves living in the BX House alongside a group of volunteers from around the world. The experience involves learning about journalism and Bolivian culture in an immersive environment. The programme fee covers 40 hours of tuition per month (covering Spanish, journalism, and photography), as well as your accommodation, lunch, internet access, mobile phone, airport pickup, pre-trip guidance and a press pass during your stay.

As part of the learning experience you will intern within the organisation to produce a monthly magazine which is distributed for free across Bolivia. You will therefore be volunteering as part of a cultural project which aims to foster ties between Bolivia and the English-speaking world by producing news and content from an under-reported region.   

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Is this right for you?

We are looking for people interested in discovering Bolivian culture. Whether you are focusing on learning the language, want a journalism internship, have a passion for photography, are an avid writer or enjoy magazine design, there will be something for you. You must speak fluent English, be at least seventeen years old, and have an observant eye and inquisitive spirit. Spanish is helpful but not essential. Graduates, professionals, students and school-leavers and are all welcome; responsibilities and challenges are assigned according to experience.

Present gap-year trends typically involve travelling to many worldwide destinations, often staying in each place for a few days at a time. But, passing through hostels on sight-seeing visits, travellers are rarely able to get in touch with local culture. Working with us you will be immersed in a foreign environment and, with our support, meet the challenge of a learning about aspects of the country largely undiscovered by tourist masses. Your dream career does not have to be journalism, 'Bolivian Espressos' (as past participants are known) are sought after by a range of employers and universities for their international experience, level of intellectual engagement and enterprise. To date, we've worked with over 150 people from over 25 countries.

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What sort of people have we had taking part in the past?

  • Spanish and Modern Languages Students on years abroad.
  • Graduates from Journalism School and other Masters Programmes
  • TV and Film School Students
  • University Students and Graduates
  • School-leavers on Gap Years or Holiday
  • Employees on Career-break or Holiday
  • Professional Journalists

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What's the age range of people taking part?

In the past our participants have been aged from 18 to 65. The majority tend to be in their twenties, but we are very pleased when both older and younger people apply, as a diverse intake always enriches our team.